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Unique, Customized, and Biodegradable Single Use Products for Your Next Catered Event

Unique Custom Biodegradable Single Use Products

Did you know that a catered event that presents dishes with single use cutlery, plates, or containers can still be quite elegant? It’s less trailer park chic and more along the lines of being environmentally friendly and offering your guests with a memorable way to enjoy the culinary offerings on display. Cleanup is often much easier, and guests will have the opportunity to more readily take home a bit of the food that you’ve had served with them—and trust us, guests love that.

If renewable, eco-friendly components are important to you, make no mistake about it—these single use products aren’t the standard plastics you’d find in the party aisle of your local grocery store. You may even like them so much that you decide to add a collection to your own kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular items that are trending this year.

Strong Yet Biodegradable Wood Products

Thanks to some innovative manufacturers, bamboo and palm wood have both become a popular material to build plates, platters, bowls, and even utensils. These woods are soft enough to be easily manipulated into the required shapes, and can even be fully customized for specific events. The serving dinnerware made with bamboo or palm is remarkably strong—there’s nothing paper-like about it.

Poplar is also a wood-based serving solution that’s been becoming more and more frequently seen at ecologically responsible events, thanks to its naturally high resistance to heat. Poplar products can withstand high heats of up to roughly 175 degrees Celsius for three quarters of an hour, making it the perfect solution for oven cooking or later reheating.

Biodegradable Wood Products

Best of all, wood based serving components are a completely biodegradable method of serving your dishes that can be composted. High end manufacturers of these kinds of products never use harsh chemicals in the manufacture of the plates, unlike standard plastics (which in recent years have even been the subject of some health concerns). Bamboo or palm serving products aren’t only environmentally smart, they also double as excellent companions for events with a nature, tropical, or general outdoor theme.

Biodegradable Customized “Grab and Go” Style Boxes

If you’re looking for a great way to allow your guests to serve themselves and easily transport their food—important particularly for outdoor events—biodegradable “grab and go” style boxes are a surprisingly convenient solution that allow your guests to pick and choose what they like without damaging the environment. These boxes are made of recycled yet durable cardboard and are outfitted with a variety of carrying options.

The top of the boxes have slots for containers that can hold appetizers, but the tops can also be opened to present larger slots for main courses. When guests are finished with the meal that they built their own personal preferences, the boxes can be discarded into recycling containers for later removal—this also acts as a great way to keep your event free of used serving ware.

Biodegradable Grab and Go Boxes

Exploring Environmentally Friendly Options Further

If you’d like to learn more about the options at your disposal for unique, biodegradable, and completely renewable serving solutions ranging from bamboo utensils to palm take-home containers, the experts at en Ville Event Design and Catering would love to share ideas with you for your next catered event. This Toronto based company has been in operation for over twenty years and has designed and catered countless successful events in the area, including parties, weddings, and high end corporate events where impressing guests is of the utmost importance. Discover all of your options for both trending foods and event design services by dialing (416) 533-8800 at your earliest convenience.