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Top 4 Expert Tips to Planning the Perfect Wedding

When it is time to sit down and start planning your wedding, you may not be sure where to start. Wedding planning can be fun, but it can also be stressful, especially for those who have no experience in the area. Working with a wedding planner can help free up some of that stress and you will be able to relax and actually enjoy your wedding day and the days leading up to the time you tie the knot. Below, we will go over some expert tips for planning your perfect wedding.

1Know the Numbers

Before you head out and pick a venue to have your wedding, make sure that you know how many guests you will be inviting to your wedding. While your actual invitations will not go out until a couple months before the wedding, you need to determine how many people you anticipate to invite. The venue you choose should be able to easily accommodate the number of people you anticipate to attend with some room to spare.

2-01Take Advantage of Your Credit Card Rewards

One often overlooked perk of getting married is that you can place the expenses on your credit card and rack up those flyer miles and cash back rewards. If you do have the credit to do so, consider opening a credit card to use for your wedding expenses, so that you can earn some rewards.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you do not want to go into debt over your wedding, so if you do open a credit card, make sure that you spend wisely.


Who Needs to Eat?

Don’t forget that you may need to feed your vendors and staff that attend the wedding. In fact, some contracts have a clause in them that states that you will feed the staff, so be aware of these clauses. If you do need to feed the vendors, then you need to consider what exactly you want to feed them because serving them the traditional fare you plan to offer at the reception can become extremely costly. One way to avoid paying a lot of money per plate for your vendors is to work with your wedding caterer and see if you can create a box type dinner or lunch to feed the vendors.


Always Check the Weather

In the weeks and days leading to your wedding, you need to take some simple wedding planning steps and check out the weather. Not only will this help prepare you and your fiancé, you can plan for any unforeseen events. For example, maybe there is a line of storms moving in and knowing this now can help you plan for an alternative to your outside wedding. Also, check the pollen forecast and take your allergy medications if need be. You do not want to be sneezing throughout your vows, do you?

If you are in need of wedding planning help or you are looking to work with a wedding caterer who can help plan the meal for your wedding reception, call En Ville Catering today.