3 Delicious Wedding Reception Food Ideas Your Guests Will Certainly Love

3 Delicious Wedding Reception Food Ideas Your Guests Will Certainly Love

When planning a wedding, you have too many decisions to make. From the food to the venue, the gown and choosing the bridesmaids, brides often have a difficult time making the right decision. You’ll have lots of options when it comes to wedding catering in Toronto. From the multiple food ideas to choose from, you’ll need to make a pick. Finding the right caterers will go a long way in helping you find a menu that your guests will love. But other than that, we can also share a few ideas to make your wedding menu fun, creative and tasty.

A Chocolate Themed Menu

If both the bride and groom love chocolate, a chocolate themed menu would work great. Chocolate is a great ingredient that you can play around with in almost any dish and bring out a great taste. There are plenty of ways to work with chocolate and leave your guests talking for all the right reasons. You can choose to set up a chocolate bar where guests can indulge in their favorite pieces of chocolate or set up a dessert bar where chocolate is served in plenty.

Wedding Catering IdeasServe Brunch For Dinner

Sounds ridiculous, right? But if you think about it, this is one of the unique wedding menu ideas that your guests will probably love. Serving breakfast meals during a daytime wedding is a nice way to cut back on costs. It’s becoming a popular option among wedding couples that have their ceremony during the daytime.

Look for breakfast food items that are used in hotels and restaurants; present the food beautifully and opt for colorful food options that are absolutely delicious. You can have your caterer help you to set aside a few breakfast treats that go well together and would complement the rest of your wedding theme.

A few favorites that you could feature in your breakfast menu include smoked salmon, topical fruits and decadent fillings such as sweet cream. You can even have a rib carving station at the reception area. You can add some elegant beverages just to give the menu a little uniqueness.

Wedding Brunch

Late Night Snacks

On the day of the wedding, most of your family and friends will want to indulge and celebrate the union especially in the evenings. You need to have thought about the drinks you’ll serve beforehand. One way to satisfy the guests even further is to offer some snacks at night when people are celebrating and having their favorite drinks.

Think of foods that are great to serve after a drink such as burritos and poutine. You can add some extra touch on every snack just to impress your guests and give them something they least expected. Have your caterer help you to come up with a few late-night snacks, some of which are your top favorites and others that work well for wedding menus. Your friends and family will like the fact that you offered them something to indulge in as they while away the evening.

Late Night Snack Wedding