6 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding

6 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding

Wedding Mojito Cocktails

There are many ways to make your wedding feel uniquely yours. Think about the small details that make a huge difference. You can opt for a personalized wedding menu or your personal vows to make the day extra special. Whatever you have in mind, make sure it describes your relationship or personal styles and leaves a memorable experience. Below are a few ways to add a personal touch to your wedding and give your guests a memorable experience.

Who Said You Can’t Serve Mojito Instead Of Champaign?

Surprize your guests with fresh minty Mojito instead of champagne towers. You can add some fruits or berries and create Raspberry Mojito or Pineapple Mojito. Your friend and family will appreciate such a fancy drink on a hot summer wedding.

Raspberry Mojito

Opt For A Different Seating Arrangement

You may want to forego the traditional round tables and get a few long ones when choosing wedding catering Toronto. The long tables are a nice way of creating an intimate party that your friends and family will love especially if it’s a small wedding. You can also name each table at the reception based on a different theme.

Wedding Seating Arrangement

Enter Or Exit To Music That Speaks To You

You have the liberty to choose music that communicates to you as the wedding couple. You can choose that song that reminds you of the first time you met or the day of your engagement. You can close off with a special dance song that you both like. Think of a memorable way to exit the wedding while keeping the guests involved. Cool ideas such as using paper lanterns or throwing sparklers when exiting will help to create a memorable experience.

Ditch The Sit-Down Meals

More couples are choosing less structured ways to serve dinners. For instance, offering your guests a couple of food trucks or food bars that they can go to and get their favorite biting is much more fun. This is one way to allow your guests to enjoy the food and still mingle and dance. If you really want to have a main meal where you can feast, serving it family-style is a nice way to pull it off.

Choose A Suitable Wedding Location

You can get married anywhere you like just make sure the place is special to you. You can choose to wed in the area where you first met or your hometown. You may even opt for a destination wedding, which allows you to travel to wherever you want for your nuptials.

Come Up With Your Own Traditions

You don’t have to do things in a certain way because everyone else in your family did it. You can always come up with your own traditions that are meaningful to you. Think of a way to showcase your different personalities and religious or cultural background as a wedding couple.

Opt For Mixed-Up Dessert

Instead of the usual tiered wedding cake why not treat you guests to baked goods such as home-made cookies, cup cakes, mini cakes and pies? You can add a striking effect by customizing the latest trend of the translucent cake that’s often layered with thin frosting and topped with fruits and flowers. This is definitely a sweet alternative for the couple that wants to incorporate a personal touch in their wedding.

Wedding Desserts