Vegetarian Catering Options For Weddings

Vegetarian Catering Options For Weddings

Vegetarian Wedding Catering Toronto

If you prefer having veggies instead of meat as your main dish, there are lots of vegetarian catering options you can consider for your special occasion. Vegetarian meals never have to be plain and boring. Those who pick veggies shouldn’t feel undermined. Veggies can be made to be just as tasty and appetizing as the beef, chicken and fish in your wedding menu.

Give the vegetarians at your wedding top quality dishes just as the rest of the wedding guests. Below are a few tips to ensure your vegetarian dishes work well.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go All The Way

You don’t have to offer meat to majority of your guests if it’s not your thing. Vegetarian dishes can be designed to appeal to a larger proportion of your guests. Think of food items such as pumpkin curry that can be enticing to all the other guests. The style and method used to prepare the vegetarian dishes will determine how appealing they are to the rest of the guests. Just don’t feel like you only have to prepare veggies for a small portion of your guests. Feel free to go all the way by trying out different vegetarian meals in your menu.

Opt For A Buffet-Style Catering

One way to give guests a different side of both is to allow them to indulge in whichever food options they choose. You can choose to serve the dinner in a buffet-style catering. You can have one station that accommodates both meat and veggie lovers. Select foods that appeal to unique pallets. Your caterer should help you to create a balance between meals for veggie lovers and those who prefer meat.

Offer Healthy Fruit And Veggie Drinks

Give your wedding guests a healthy treat of a fruit and veggie drink instead of alcohol. You can even have a smoothie bar instead. Create a single signature drink for your wedding reception. The drink can also be a great complement at late-night as it can be given as a snack. This can really help the guests to refresh and wind down the night. When choosing fruit and veggie drinks, opt for different flavors and ingredients.

Use Veggies For Display Too

Other than incorporating veggies in your wedding menu, you can also add them in your floral display and bouquets. This will give your wedding a unique kind of eye candy. Don’t be afraid to use the eggplants to add a blend of color on your white florals. You can also use other common vegetables like tomatoes and carrots to add some color to your neutral palette. However you choose to add color to your wedding, speak to your wedding caterer regarding ways to incorporate fresh vegetables in the displays. Opt for veggies and fruits that are in season because they are likely to be cheaper to incorporate in your display.

Vegetarian Wedding CakeThere are many other ways to create a vegetarian wedding reception menu that appeals to your guests. Consider the tips above and feel free to incorporate your unique ideas.