Choosing A Watercolor Palette For Your Wedding? Check Out These Cake Design Ideas!

Choosing A Watercolor Palette For Your Wedding? Check Out These Cake Design Ideas!

Wedding Cake Ideas

When choosing your wedding caterer in Toronto, one of your top concerns is the cake decoration. Your wedding cake is one of the top things people will notice on that special day. If you are not into that plain white wedding cake, one option you’d absolutely want to try out is the watercolor palette or brushstroke design. The watercolor palette creates a very colorful wedding cake that will blend perfectly with the rest of your wedding theme. Below are a few beautiful ideas to help you choose an ideal design for your cake.

Bright Brushstrokes

Your wedding cake can have some beautiful brush strokes in different colors to add some glamor and style to your reception. You can have the wedding cake in pure white and the strokes can have multiple colors. This blends well with a multicolored wedding theme.

Wedding Cake Brush



Finely Painted Florals

This type of wedding cake is very ideal for an elegant and formal wedding. The painted florals can match the rest of your décor. You can even have the colors on the cake to match your bridesmaids dresses. Think of exciting ways to bring out the floral theme by including it in your cake. This is most ideal in a tiered wedding cake.

Floral Wedding Cake Design


Ombre Wedding Cake

Consider having ombre hearts beautifully covering your tiered wedding cake. This particularly works great if you have a brightly colored cake. You can choose a color like red or orange for the hearts. The color fades from the top going down giving it a really cool appeal.

Ombre Wedding Cake



Playful Palette

If the overall wedding theme is playful, this would be a great idea to incorporate in your wedding cake. Consider having a playfully decorated wedding cake. It can have some flowers and random pictures just to make it fun and colorful. You can have the playful elements on a plain white background. This will ensure they pop out very nicely.

Hand Painted Wedding Cake



Stained Glass

How about incorporating a stained glass look in your wedding cake decoration? This will look really nice if you are opting for a bright colored palette with yellow and blue. The stained wedding cake can be designed to suit different occasions.

Stained Glass Cake Design


Sunset Tiers

If you love the look of sunset, consider having this as a decoration on your wedding cake. Sunset can be an inspiring element to bring out a wedding cake that wows your guests. The cake can have a stronger color on the bottom that fades away as you go up. You can even add some brightly colored flowers on the cake and have some cupcakes on the side with a similar theme.

Sunset Ombre Cake Design

Hand-Painted Petals


This works really well if you have a wedding cake that is plain and simple but you want to create a unique element that draws the attention of your wedding guests. The hand-painted petals can be a bit difficult to pull through. Get a baker who is able to show you samples of the work they’ve done before if you want a cake as beautiful as the one shown above. Most importantly, make sure it blends with the rest of your wedding colors.

Hand Painted Petals Wedding Cake