3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

3 Delicious Food Ideas For Summer Wedding Catering in Toronto

When you already choose wine and food for your wedding, and decide for a menu of this beautiful summer event, you may probably make a mistake by trying to make everyone happy.

Specialists in wedding catering in Toronto are ready to reveal some secrets of summer weddings, and with this tips one can make food at a wedding truly fantastic.

It’s All about love!

Food in summer goes in so many colours, that one can make up a simple menu that impresses all the guests by its beauty. Rustic Italian cuisine can give you a source of inspiration. And just imagine: guests share food from wooden boards and platters, the atmosphere is relaxed, people communicating cheerfully…

Begin with a Gorgeous Antipasti of Salads

Roasted sweet yellow and red peppers drizzled with parsley oil, baby courgettes just from a griddle, covered with crumbled feta and sprinkled with mint oil, cannellini beans with olive oil and a delicious tomato panzanella (a marvelous bread and tomato salad with plenty of red wine and basil vinegar dressing).

A Genuine Taste of Italian Food

Our wedding catering company suggests the following: offer osso buco (this is veal shin) in herbs, tomatoes and also in white wine with gremolata; one can also choose for a mouthwatering porchetta: a slowly cooked and falling apart delicious shoulder of pork filled with fennel seeds, softened onions and fresh rosemary. It is also a good idea to offer crispy roast potatoes, famous ciabatta bread and roasted in oven red onions, together with the salad with basil, balsamic and fennel seeds.


3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

Time for a Dessert

Every wedding catering company can tell that even some simple dessert can be surprising and worth remembering. For instance, a dessert of ice-cream with vanilla flavor, sprinkled with olive oil and a little bit of salt can be just perfect to finish the meal.

Picturesque Picnic

Arrange a homelike informal picnic for your wedding guests, and they will be delighted. Offer a choice of handmade food and eat in a sociable way, by sharing food with each other. You don’t even need tables: with blankets and cushions, one can make a place cozy and incredibly charming.


3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

Photo by Olexander Kozak

Plates and Platters

Our experts in wedding catering are able to make a special selection of platters for different tables; for instance, homemade pancetta and pork pies together with a quail’s egg, chicken on a board, delicious salmon in hollandaise dressing, plenty of jars with salad, ham terrine in pineapple salsa and much more, all to please even the fussiest guests.

Evening Snacks

If the cake is already cut, the party is at its peak and people are dancing joyfully, it’s high time to offer some snacks because the revelers might get a little hungry again. A buffet table would be too predictable, but some fun food is just the thing!


3 Delicious Food Ideas for Wedding in Summer

Photo by Gaykova Ekaterina

Old-Style Favorites

We suppose, everyone will be glad to have jars with hot chips, Sarsons vinegar and Maldon salt.  Imagine also baskets of delicious homemade bread with butter, plenty of mayonnaise, brown sauce and ketchup. No one can resist this after10 pm.

Other ideas for a wedding menu you can always get from the professionals in wedding catering. Feel free to contact us and get inspired!