3 Possible Choice Wedding Menus For Stylish Couples

3 Possible Choice Wedding Menus For Stylish Couples


One of the top considerations when planning your wedding is the food you intend to serve your guests and the rest of the wedding party. In fact, people remember the food they were served at a wedding much more than the many other items. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention to the foods you serve.

You may go for the standard wedding menus that contain chicken and beef entrees. But if your plan is on wowing your guests with a delicious menu that they will live to remember, follow the tips and ideas below. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you set up a unique wedding menu that your guests will love.

Cocktail Hour

This is one way to make the wedding menu fun and casual. You can select a few appetizers and bite-sized portions which will be served during cocktail hour. This is sometime after the ceremony and it can be extended up to dinner time. The good thing with this kind of wedding catering in Toronto is that your guests are able to choose what they want to eat and how much of it they’ll have. Rather than offering a heavy meal, people will go home feeling happy and not overstuffed.

You can also set up different food stations in the reception area at cocktail hour. The good thing with this is that it helps to give the wedding a fun and comfortable vibe. You can have different kinds of foods in different station. For instance, you can serve seafood in one station and have a taco-bar in a different section.

Wedding Cocktail Hour

Go For International Flavors

Everyone wants to try out a different kind of meal once in a while. Your wedding might be the place to provide your guests an opportunity to try out ethnic food. You can include foods such as curries and sushi in your wedding menu. Consider adding flavors with inspiration from all over the world. Give your guests a taste of different parts of the world in a day. You can even add a unique twist to the wedding menu by choosing foods from countries you have visited before as a couple. This will make the menu more special and memorable for you.

Ethnic Food

Add Some Personal Favorites

When drafting your wedding menu, remember to include the foods that best describe your personality. Choosing your favorite foods is likely to make the menu memorable for you; this is the opportunity to showcase what your favorite foods are. Your friends and family will also love the idea of coming up with a personalized menu and sharing it with them.

If the bride and groom are from distinct cultures, you can mix different foods to create a unique dish. The other spin to it is to create a his and hers menu. The groom will choose half of the dishes to feature in the “his section” whereas the bride will select the other half to feature in the “hers section”. Have your guests try out the different food items chosen by the bride and groom.

Wedding Catering Bride And Groom