5 New And Fashionable Ideas In Wedding Catering For 2017

5 New And Fashionable Ideas In Wedding Catering For 2017

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You can find it very hard to make decisions about a wedding, especially when food and drinks are concerned. There are plenty of options in the field of wedding catering, and professional caterers will manage to make nearly all your wishes for this special occasion come true. Experienced specialists in wedding catering in Toronto say that nowadays many newly-weds prefer the dishes at their wedding to be ultra-modern and exquisite, so that the guests remember them, even when some time has passed since the wedding — something so cool that they would post on Instagram, for example, with the hashtag #omg. And how can you be sure you keep pace with the trends and choose the best catering for the wedding you plan? Well, as a wedding catering company, we can give you some trendy ideas for this year to inspire you.

Farm to Table Food

Local, fresh and organic…this all is extremely popular in the world of food at the moment. Everybody wishes their dairy and meat products to be naturally grown and bought from local farmers, and of course, it’s a good decision to support the local producers.

The idea can be implemented in the wedding catering by using a “Farm to Table” menu that includes meats taken from local producers and also seasonal and fresh natural products. You can make it even better by adding some artisan products, such as breads, cheeses or chutneys.


5 new and fashionable ideas in wedding catering for 2017

Brunch Menu

Maybe you think that a brunch menu is not necessary at a wedding, but modern wedding catering companies would suggest you to make it. A lot of couples opt now for weddings at daytime because it is trendy, and often more economic than the usual afternoon or evening weddings.

At this time, brunch represents an elegant solution. Imagine bloody marys, traditional omelets and mimosas for guests. ‘Breakfast at dinner-time’ can also be used as a funny amusement in the late night food catering—indeed, everybody would enjoy some hash browns or pancakes at 11pm.


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Interactives and Games

The former wedding catering style where guests sit at tables and meals are carried out to them, has, without any doubt, its pluses, but nowadays guests enjoy some activities at a party.

That’s why, interactive stations have tremendous success: guests do not only eat, but also have some fun and pleasant surprises along with their dishes. Specialists from catering companies believe that the best way is to create entertainment stations of your own type. They are fashionable, and you can use different kind of foods, such as french fries, ice cream sundaes, nachos, etc. It’s also a good way to implement some snacks while making them appear as something fancy.


5 new and fashionable ideas in wedding catering for 2017-3

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Living Chic like in a Movie

In spite of the remake of the classic 1920s era film “The Great Gatsby” that we saw some years ago, such a garden-party speakeasy style appears to be very fashionable even now, when wedding catering is concerned.

Vintage cocktails, such as the Mint Julep, Sidecar and Manhattan are also a great hit at the moment, and they can be done with trendy alternations. As for champagne fountains, they are very popular once again, and can add a shine of luxury to a wedding.


5 new and fashionable ideas in wedding catering for 2017

A Cake which is not exactly a Cake…

Don’t worry, we don’t mean some inedible decorative cake. What we mean is that alternatives to traditional wedding cakes have become very popular recently.

In former years, cupcakes were most fashionable, but at the moment we can observe towers of French macarons, crepe cakes, donut cakes, and some other very unusual ideas. One can express himself and do something non-traditional, for example, serve various pies (it’s great for weddings with rustic theme) or some cheesecakes.

When wedding catering is concerned, everyone understands that a lot depends on the competence of your caterer. Choose professionals who can bring your ideas to life to the best advantage.