10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer | en Ville Wedding Catering Toronto

In spring, we usually begin to think about these beautiful summer weddings to come in June, July and August. Nothing can compare to a summer evening somewhere out in the Smoky Mountains, and we enjoy thinking of exquisite menus suitable for a wedding reception in summer. Specialists in the wedding catering in Toronto are ready to share 10 tempting ideas for a summer wedding menu – you are welcome!

Bar with Lemonade

A lemonade bar can help you and your guests keep hydrated on a hot summer day. Surpass expectations of your guests: have a bartender in the lemonade bar, so that your guests can have their lemonade cocktails made fast and professionally.

Bar with Iced Tea

Imagine this: a station where one can try various types of iced tea, with plenty of lemons to add, color-coordinated napkins and straws, and also mason jars. You’ll be surprised, but it will matter a lot to your guests, if they make their tea their own way – and have refreshment on a hot summer day!


10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

Photo by Elena Veselova

Gourmet Ice

There is plenty of ways to make fancy cubes of gourmet ice by adding fresh herbs, berries, and some even use flowers. A jar of water on each table, where you have added some ice cubes with flowers inside, can already make a difference. Consider the color of the flowers you use: would you like it to match the whole wedding décor or, maybe to enrich it? Don’t forget to discuss safe options with your florist and with an experienced specialist from a wedding catering company.

Appetizers Served Cold

One doesn’t always need to serve hors d’oeurves hot! A cold appetizer may become an exciting alternative on a hot summer day; moreover, it will be an ideal addition to a menu of a summer wedding. As for classic cold appetizers, we would suggest to serve shrimp cocktails on ice. If you want a more unusual variant, you can choose caprese skewers, for example. They contain a mix of ingredients similar to that in your usual caprese salad: basil, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.


10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

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Bring some BBQ atmosphere into the summer wedding reception and serve food that you’ve grilled perfectly. And, if you wish to please you guests with a bite-sized delicacy, you can always serve various sliders (in other words, mini-burgers); they can be appetizers or even a part of your buffet. In summer, it’s the best to have a barbecue at night – if there is an outdoor wedding, nothing can stop you from having a BBQ on the spot at the wedding!


10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

Photo by Alexander Raths


You can hardly imagine a fruit that is more suitable for a summer menu! It doesn’t matter, whether you use it in a salad, ball and serve it with funny toothpicks, or just slice it and leave for your wedding guests to enjoy; in any case it’s guaranteed to be a great hit!

Sundae Buffet

Instead of having a usual compulsory squares and cakes, let the wedding guests select their own toppings, so that they can enjoy an ice cream sundae buffet. You may include all kinds of fixing: chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles…your guests would appreciate the possibility to decorate their dessert in their own way.

Carnival Entertainment

Make it a day to remember for your guests, by creating a fascinating carnival-style menu. Use popcorn, candy floss, mini hot dogs, candy apples, etc., and this touch of county fair will make the wedding just lovely!


10 Amazing Food Ideas for Wedding Reception in Summer

Photo by Senyuk Mykula


Nowadays there are so many sizes, flavors and colors of them! A wide range of popsicles may be a funny late-night snack. By the way, you can even match the form and color of the popsicles to the menu and style of the wedding. This can be a cherry on top of your summer wedding reception!

Smore’s Bar

Can you imagine having a smore’s bar at the wedding reception? We’re all into it, when we make campfires. Besides, it’s not that hard to include it into a wedding reception. You only need a few ingredients, skewers for guests and, of course, a safe heat source, and all the quests will be wild over cracker, marshmallow and chocolate!

Our wedding catering company in Toronto is always ready to help you, if you need some fresh ideas. Please feel free to contact us, and you’ll learn how to have a perfect wedding party ever!